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It is a special honor for me to share some quotes of my clients. From my deepest heart I would like to thank all of them for their faith and trust into me and my work." I thank you all for the permission to share your path and for the gain that you brought to my life and work!"

Miss Weindorfer has accompanied me through a tough and painful period of my life. By releasing blockages in my energetical system and with her caring guidance, I finally feel in my power again and am ever thankful for her attendance. After her wonderful guided meditations I always felt deeply relaxed and ready for the daily life challenges. Thank you!- Power Energy Coaching
C.H. Salzburg

As professional athletes we always seek the edge over the competition we face. My sessions with Mrs. Weindorfer have no doubt given me that edge. I consider my decision to seek her help, to be one of the best I have made throughout my entire career. Experiencing the power of mind has been an unforgettable experience and I am ever thankful for her passion and focus with which she handled our classes. I recommend her coaching to all who want to achieve something within themselves. For a helping hand, look no further then Margot Weindorfer. - Sportcoaching -
Benjamin Palanski, Golf Professional FL. USA

I thank you, for your empathetic Coaching. You have the ability, to use your intuition in a way, that you can instantly spot the upcoming issue. Your sense for the "inner world" of your client is incredible! One feels safe and feels your presence. I wish you many clients on your way to whomyou bring happiness, just as you did to me. Thank you for your assistance!- Spiritual development -
Dagmar Kalteis

Dear Margot!
I am just going through some pictures of our last year's Golf Camp.
I remember well, how painful my back was before we even had started to play. I could really not see how I could make a proper swing. But thanks to your care on spot, I could finish the round without pain. Just a few minutes after your treatment the pain was gone and it didn't come back! Thank you again! This was just great!- Quantum healing -
S.K. Salzburg

It is impressive how I feel today.
I had severe problems with a specific negative feeling in concern of somebody in my life. I had a hard time. There were always these negative thoughts in my mind and this inner restlessness. In addition to that I could not sleep at night. I really longed for a way out.
The calming sessions with Mrs. Weindorfer brought me back into my inner balance. She reached out a hand to my soul and opened my heart for reconciliation. Finally I could release this inner tension and my thoughts calmed down. This "specific negative feeling" never came back again. (I can hardly believe it!) My soul has regained its energy and joy, for a new, harmonious life.- Transformational Coaching -
A.E. Salzburg